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Welcome to our world of visual storytelling, where the bustling energy of New York City meets the romance of global exploration. We are Ana and Paola, two passionate photographers who call the vibrant streets of New York City our home and the world our canvas.


With a shared love for both photography and travel, we have embarked on a journey to document the most intimate and genuine moments of love.  Whether it's the electric connection between newlyweds, the joy of an engagement, or the candid moments of couples on their journey together, we are dedicated to capturing every emotion and essence that makes love so beautifully unique.

Our lens becomes a bridge between the palpable energy of the city that never sleeps and the serene landscapes of faraway lands. We believe that love knows no boundaries, and we have made it our mission to showcase this belief through our visual narratives. From the iconic streets of NYC to the sun-soaked beaches of distant shores, we create photographs that tell stories of love, adventure, and the human connection that transcends borders.

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Join us on a photographic journey that transcends time zones and cultures, embracing the diversity of love and the magic of exploration. Whether you're seeking a photographer to capture your cherished moments or simply looking to immerse yourself in visual tales of romance and wanderlust, we invite you to experience the world through our lens.


This is more than photography for us – it's a celebration of love in all its forms, and an invitation to explore the beauty of the world, one frame at a time."


Ana and Paola (AP)

Documenting Love, Capturing Adventure

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